Artemis "Prissy"

16.3+ hand, 2014 Hanoverian/TB-Percheron cross mare

Goes beautifully cross country, coming on her 5th season hunting 1st flight with Live Oak Hounds and has led the field. She has also hunted 2nd field with The Norfolk Hunt Club. She has been used as a guest hunt horse. Same anywhere you take her. Honest and brave and a lovely horse to ride with 3 powerful and smooth gates. This is the horse to take you to shows in a 3-phase and then hunt the next week. Professionally trained 6-months by a European jumper trainer and 3-months professional training for dressage and cross country in 2022. Can be schooled around in a snaffle, hunts in a Pelham. Same horse every time you swing a leg over! Would be perfect for someone looking to do a bit of everything! We would love to see her go to someone who hunts and events.



Nathan - (508) 479- 9000


Located in Tallahassee, FL