16h 12-yr Black Forest Mare


Make all of your fox hunting dreams come true with this gorgeous RARE Black Forest mare.  Classic has hunted with Green Spring Valley Hounds, Elkridge-Harford Hunt Club, Marlborough Hunt Club, and South Creek Foxhounds.  She is owned by South Creek Foxhounds.  Classic rides out quietly in 1st or 2nd flight, but has been hunting twice per week this season with the Huntsman.  She is completely whip broke, great with hounds, and has 3 comfortable, forward gaits.  Classic is a smooth jumper and will jump anything you point her at, including 3’ coops, fences, pipes, and barrels.  She is bold and surefooted with enough endurance for the long runs.  She crosses any type of water crossing, thick brush, vines, palmetto palms, bridges, and livestock fields.  She will ride out alone or with a group, leading or following.


Classic has been thoroughly desensitized to young children, strollers, bicycles, dogs, and other farm chaos.  She stands patiently for all of the important tasks - tying, mounting, clipping, braiding, hoof trimming, opening/closing gates, etc.  She is easy to load even in the dark and requires no lungeing or prep.  Classic has a super disposition and is the same horse to hunt no matter how often she is ridden or what the weather is like.  She has excellent rock-crunching barefoot hooves and does not need shoes for any environment no matter how rocky it is.  


This mare knows her job and loves it!  She is very happy riding in 1st flight, 2nd flight, or with the Huntsman.  Could easily lead the field or whip in.  She is a barefoot easy keeper with no vices, maintenance, or health issues.  Not mareish and not spooky!  


Hunt references available from Joint Master, Huntsman, and Whip.




Contact Rachel Quires at 813-335-1950


Located in Lithia, Florida 33547.  One hour from Tampa International Airport (TPA).