FIRECRACKER (because he was bought on the 4th of July :)) 

2014 14h POA (Ponies of the Americas) gelding

Broke in 2016 by a 9 year old little girl, seriously she was the only one to ever have to sit on him. That's how great a personality he has!  

Hunted three seasons every single Saturday and every day the child was allowed to play hooky from school. Last hunted regularly in 2020 but would be taken out of the pasture at a moment's notice in 2021 to fill in for a petite adult or child needing a mount. He never missed a beat and was happy to back in the hunt field.

Hunted with- Kimberton primarily, Performance Trials at Wicomico and Warwick Village (Doc Addis)

Fields- Staff and all fields- Hilltopped as a 4 year old, then moved up to staff & first field. Firecracker would be in the back pocket of the staff horses the whole hunt. He loves to hunt, loves to jump and needs a new kid of his own so he can do all those things! 

Type of rider- when ridden a few times a week a beginner can climb on and bounce around  trying to post in the ring. Out hunting and when not ridden more than once a week he will need a rider that can be the boss for the first few minutes then he's back to all business.

Current child rode him bareback, solo over hill & dale with never an issue. 

Has done local and 4H shows at  2'6" with simple changes

Happily stands in the crossties for hours while the child pampers him, shoes all around now with drilltex due to our tough footing, UTD on all worming, shots, teeth. 

Stands perfectly for clipping/farriers too!

Has never had a lame step- no abscess, no anything!! 

Asking $10,000 to only the best hunting family & child who will give him all the treats and hugs. 


Barb Mueller, 

Location: Chester Springs, PA