2016 16.3h Dutch Harness mare

Lucy is a talented horse, with a resume a mile long. If you want to stand out on the trail, in the ring, or in the hunt field, this is one you’d want. She is a solid horse, sturdy enough to carry a larger rider, and one of those horses that will get you noticed while out riding.

In the ring, Lucy is simple and will happily go at the walk, trot, and canter. She will jump a course and has gone to several shows. Lucy has a great work ethic and will stand tied to the trailer while you go and walk your course. Lucy knows her lateral movements and will get you noticed in the dressage ring.

In the hunt field, Lucy is sensible and a joy to ride. She is in her fifth season of foxhunting. She has taken several people out on their first hunt, has whipped in, and has gone in the field. She will lead, follow, or go in the middle of the group - she fits right in to any place. Lucy is the ultimate foxhunter - she has an economical jump that will take you safely over coops, stone walls, timber jumps, and more. Lucy will happily go away from the field and also is fine with riders going away from her - she goes at whatever pace the rider wants. Lucy will take you on your first foxhunt and give you the confidence you need to get over your first few coops or the larger fences out in the field.

As a field masters horse, Lucy is brave and bold.  She is safe to lead the field, whether it be first or second flight. As a first flight field masters horse, she is fearless and truly is a horse meant to be in a leadership position. Lucy will gallop along and jump anything you point her at. She knows how to trot to a fence and knows her distance to a fence while cantering - she is comfortable at the take off, flight, and landing. As a second flight field masters horse, Lucy will happily be the lead horse in any situation and will give those in the group confidence to follow her where ever she leads. She is easy to pony and pony from - she does both with ease.

In the barn, Lucy is as easy as they come. She leads, stands to be groomed and tacked. Lucy has a wonderful personality and loves treats. She lives out in a mixed herd - she gets along with all pasture mates. She has no bad habits in the barn or in the field, is easy to catch, and is good to body clip. She will happily stay inside a stall if you need and is neat and tidy.

Lucy is a horse for someone who seriously wants to foxhunt, drive, or show. She is a dream to have in the barn and is truly “one in a million”. Lucy’s colorful markings will surely have you standing out whether in the show ring or hunt field. Lucy is greatly experienced for her age and has her whole life in front of her for someone to enjoy.


Suji Helmer (540) 585-1033

Located in Middleburg, Virginia.