17.2 hand, nine year old, Clyde/TB gelding.

McGowan has hunted five seasons first field with Cheshire in Pennsylvania.

He has also capped with EHHC, GSVH, Piedmont, and Andrew’s Bridge. He hunts in all fields and has lead the third field. He is big, bold, and athletic and is as capable as they come. He has a big, ground covering stride. In the hunt field he has a great gallop, jump, and knows how to ride to a pack of hounds in a forward thinking manner and will be there at the end of the day. He is the horse that goes on the big days, in the big country.

McGowan has been to several Thanksgiving meets, joint meets, and other special days. He can trot ,canter, or gallop down to whatever you put in front of him. He is happy to be right behind the field master or in the back of the field. He is catty and handy in bad footing and is aware of himself in situations such as slick or deep mud, road crossings, bounce jumps, angled take offs, narrow gates, etc. He jumps line fences, coops, log fences, telephone pole stacks, as well as colored or unnatural fences. He has a great jump and has excellent form over a fence. He is well schooled on the flat and demonstrates that both at home and in the hunt field.

On the ground, McGowan is easy. He is excellent to clip, vacuum, shoe, tie, cross tie, bathe, load up on the trailer and handle. He is personable and friendly. This has been my personal horse for the past five years. This is a hard horse to find of this size that has true athletic ability. McGowan would make a great mount for a true fox hunter who wants to hack in with the hounds at the end of the day.


Serious inquiries may CALL for further info.

Rachel Wilkoski  610-745-5442 or 610-914-8330.

Located in Coatesville, PA.