2013 16+ h grey Imported Irish Draught/TB gelding by Carrick Cottage Star

Sebastian is a medium boned, sportier, more compact and livlier ride typifying the Thoroughbred Irish Draught combination which comprises the Irish Sport Horse. He had one owner in Ireland who introduced him to fox hunting as well as to a number of other disciplines, making him a useful all arounder.  He is a nice choice for a smaller or lighter rider, in the arena, on the trail and in the hunt field.

In 2020 he hunted regularly in 1st and 2nd flight with MIllbrook, is comfortable and brave with plenty of stamina, Sebastian is able to hunt a full day, providing plenty of safe fun.  Not an ideal first horse, as he is prompt and responsive. 


Contact information: Ian Michaels, DVM  Please text: 518-398-7420

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Located in Millbrook, NY