Tadpole is a four year old 15.2 and growing draft cob cross gelding who should finish out around 15.3.

Tadpole started hound exercising last summer and continued into the season with Mr.Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds both leading and following the non-jumping field 1-2 times a week.

He was used to lead the third flight quite a bit starting at the end of December through to the end of the season. He will lead or follow and is demonstrating everything a young horse should in both positions. He has been out on the quieter days as well as the long and fast days and he truly learned how to follow a pack of hounds in all situations. He was also asked to jump hunting fences out in the hunt field, following and leading, including post and rail, coops, large logs, telephone poles, etc. Tadpole has experienced WTCG and jumping in a group, riding in front, riding away from the group, hounds coming from all directions, getting gates, frequent or long checks, galloping alongside other horses, crossing trappy obstacles, stream/river crossings, bridges, bad footing, steep hills, mounting and dismounting from the ground and natural mounting blocks, road crossings, pulling up to help other riders, and more tasks asked of a hunting horse. Tadpole hacks out alone or in company at home and is incredibly trust worthy and easy by himself with a very independent thought process. He is also very responsive to your seat and leg as well as vocal cues. He has great brakes and really respects the word “woah”. Easy to WTC in the ring. He has been started over natural fences both at home and in the hunt field as well as colored fences and is talented enough that he would make a first flight horse in the future.

He is also very well broke to drive.

Tadpole is a very  good mover with amazing potential and an awesome temperament which makes him a great prospect for anything you want to do with him.

He truly is a gentleman in all regards. Easy to handle as he stands tied, cross ties, stands to be shod/groomed/bathed/clipped, loads easily, etc. This is a very special young horse.  


No trials.


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