2019 16.2h Draft cross gelding

Captain has foxhunted this season with the White Hall Hounds and it is like he has been doing it all his life. He has been a staff horse and has led second field. He has also gone first flight and is a bold and brave jumper. As a staff horse he goes away from the group with no problem and is okay with hounds around his feet. As a second flight field masters horse he will lead the group safely through trappy terrain, water crossings, and thick brush. He is sensible and safe but will also gallop when you need him to. As a first flight horse Captain will jump coops, stone walls, timber jumps, and banks. Although he is a draft cross, he jumps with fantastic form and clears any fence you point him at. Captain will happily go in the front, middle, or back of the field. He has be used as a guest horse for several folks out on their first foxhunt. 

He is multi-talented and is a wonderful driving horse and foxhunter. Captain has a puppy dog personality and is a barn favorite.

Captain will walk, trot, canter, and jump a course. He is brave with any cross country style fences such as water jumps, banks, and logs. He has knowledge of basic lateral movements and would be flashy in the show ring. 

Captain is easy in the barnyard. He stands to be groomed, tacked, and for the farrier/vet. He will stand in the crossties even while the barn is busy and if other horses are going in and out. Captain lives out 24/7 but will stay in a stall if you need. He has no vices and gets along with everyone in the herd. He is personable, friendly, and loves attention. Captain is one of those horses that will come up to you in the field and really likes his grooming sessions. 

Under harness Captain is just plain fun. He has a wonderful ground covering trot and is sure to turn heads with his stylish movement. Captain stands to be harnessed and is fine with equipment hanging on or around him. He is good with traffic, dogs, bikes, or large trucks/farm machinery.

Captain is a horse that is truly going to make someone very happy. He is friendly, cute, and has good manners. He is a wonderful foxhunter and will continue to shine brightly in the hunt field. Captain has had a correct start in his driving and riding career, and if he’s already this good now, imagine how good he will be as time goes on.


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