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A link to your buisness for farm on the site, on the links page. Includes constant Google updateing and advertising with Covertside for Fox Hunting Horse website.

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Please select the term that best describes your horse for sale. 
Then include it along with
  • Name of horse
  • Year horse was born 
  • Height
  • Breed if known
  • Names of the hunts where the horse has hunted
  • Masters or Members who can give a reference,
  • Number of seasons and or times the horse has hunted 
  • Height horse of jumps horse has comfortable jumped out hunting
  • Type of rider this horse would suit (Bomb proof, Novice, Intermediate, Experienced)
  • Contact Information: Name, Email, phone number

include this information in an email, using the form below.

A one time fee of $ 35 will advertise your horse for six months. 

Professionals or sales barns can list multiple horses listed at the same time $100 for six months. 

Please use the Paypal shopping cart to remit the advertising fee.  After the six month intial period is up, you may renew your ad and PLEASE inform us when your horse has sold! 


Email your photographs and (if available) video to: