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  • Are you frustrated in your of search for a seasoned fox hunting horse on horse-for-sale sites?
  • Do you find a horse as a fox hunter as well as many other disciplines, but it hasn't actually been around hounds.
  • Do you find when you call an owner and ask about a horse, that the horse has never hunted and the owner who has never hunted thinks the horse would be good at it?
  • Do you find that horses are not divided into groups of experience, i.e. 1st flight, 2nd flight, hilltopping?
You have found the Fox Hunting Horse marketing website. 
We specialize in marketing fox hunting horses with all degrees of experience;  making sure to define the horse's current level and future as clearly as possible.
We advertise on numerous websites and also have a very successful Facebook page, Fox Hunting, where every horse advertised here is also posted on our page and in various fox hunting groups.  We have over 8,000 followers on Facebook.
We occasionally boost ads with exceptional photographs that help get horses sold faster.

Hi, I'm Rosemarie Merle-Smith, owner of this website and a life-long fox hunter and ex-MFH of the Tennessee Valley Hunt (2009-2018). I have my colors with Arapahoe, Keswick, Thornton Hill, Golden Vale (Ireland) and Tennessee Valley. I am currently a subscriber to four hunts: Deep Run Hunt, Keswick Hunt Club, Tennessee Valley Hunt Club, Thornton Hill Hounds. I've been a trainer of hunters, jumpers, eventers and fox hunters for 40 years. I operate Merle-Smith Sporthorses with my daughter, Nicolette, in Virginia and Florida. We breed German Sport Horses that are primarily Holsteiner.


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