2017, 16.2h Thoroughbred gelding
Blue has hunted with Wicomico, Cheshire, Snickersville, Piedmont, Mt Carmel.
Best suited in First field, staff or 2nd field.
Hunted full '23-'24 season (upward of 20 times hunting)

Blue is a brave, bold, exceptional first and second flight field hunter. He loves hunting and watching the hounds work. He even got to hunt hounds with a friend's pack. He has hunted with five different hunts (Wicomico, Cheshire, Piedmont, Sickersville, Mt Carmel) in the mid-atlantic region carrying five different riders. He even judged the recent  Performance Trials at Wye Island. 

Outside of hunting, he is learning training level dressage and practicing his jumping technique. He enjoys jumper shows, xc schooling and gallops on the beach.  Blue is looking for a partner that wants to hunt and spend most of their time outside of the ring.

He has a naturally balanced canter and gallop. He is a powerful horse that can and will jump anything in front of him. He is currently proficient at jumping 2'9"-3' courses in the ring. He is very brave to the jumps and never says "no."  

He stands on cross ties quietly for the farrier, grooming and baths. He is good for the vet, too. He loads, trailers, and waits patiently on the trailer or tied to the side.

I have taken him many places, he is the same on and off property, but he is best out hunting.

In the summer of '23, he confidently conquered Double C Farm's Mountain Trail Course in hand. 

Blue is a total beefcake and has relatively low starts for his age. He sports clean, cold, tight legs and no prior injuries. I am confident he will "pass" any PPE. He has good feet and loves chilling with the other boys in the field (he likes girls, too).

Blue is best suited for an eager fox hunter that likes to keep up with the master or staff looking for their next favorite horse.

 I'm so impressed with how intelligent he is. He is THE horse I want to be on when the going gets tough and trappy out hunting. He will think and problem solve his way out of sticky situations without getting upset or panicking. He always takes care of his ride.  I believe this horse has great potential in many areas. Great barn manners, no vices.   Blue could go in any direction.  

Best suited for experienced riders.

Jazz Napravnik (443)695-3780
Blue's webpage full of pictures and videos jazznapravnik.mykajabi.com/blue
Located in Chestertown, MD