• Are you frustrated in your of search for a seasoned fox hunting horse on horse-for-sale sites?
  • Do you find a horse as a fox hunter as well as many other disciplines, but it hasn't actually been around hounds.
  • Do you find when you call an owner and ask about a horse, that the horse has never hunted and the owner who has never hunted thinks the horse would be good at it?
  • Do you find that horses are not divided into groups of experience, i.e. first flight, hilltopping only, etc?
You have found the
Fox Hunters For Sale
  Marketing Site. 
We specialize in marketing fox hunting horses with all degrees of experience;  making sure to define the horse's current level and future as clearly as possible.
We advertise in the Master of Foxhounds Association's magazine, Covertside, and we also have a very successful Facebook page, Fox Hunting Horse, where all horses advertised here are posted.

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