• Tired of searching endlessly for a "seasoned" fox hunting horse on horse for sale sites, only to find "everyone" lists a horse as a fox hunter as well as many other disciplines.
  • Do you find when you call an owner and ask about a horse, the horse has never hunted and the owner who has never hunted thinks the horse would be good at it?
  • Do you find that horses are not divided into groups of experience, i.e. first flight, hilltopping only, etc?
You have found the
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marketing site. 
We specialize in marketing fox hunting horses with all degrees of experience;  making sure to define the horse's current level and future posibility as clearly as possible.  By assisting sellers with thier uploading material we continually screen sellers and produce a clearer picture for the buyer. 

One Customer's testimonial.....
BTW, just some feedback for you, we've been very pleased with the response we had on the ads we posted for Junior and Martin.  Junior sold to a customer who saw him on your site and we've had a couple of live inquiries on Martin. We used to advertise mostly in the Chronicle, but frankly the response there has dwindled to practically nil, so your web site has been extremely useful to us and very timely.

Thanks very much.

Marc Blanchard
Snowbound Acre Farm

"The trouble with a rat race is that even when you win, you're still a rat."
Lily Tomlin

Come give us a test ride and see for yourself if this site can hunt!

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